Energy Transition Accelerator Financing Platform


Meeting the international climate and development objectives requires a massive re-allocation of capital towards low-carbon technologies, including renewables, as well as the mobilisation of all available capital sources. USD 131 trillion will need to flow into the energy system to 2050 that prioritises technology avenues compatible with 1.5 ॰C pathway.

Between now and 2050, over 80% of the USD 131 trillion must be invested in energy-transition technologies, not limited to traditional renewable generation, energy conservation and efficiencies, end-use electrification, power grids, sustainable bioenergy, hydrogen.

The Energy Transition Accelerator Financing (ETAF) Platform aims to mobilise approximately USD 1 billion capital resources to support the energy transition by 2030.

What We Offer

Project Developers

ETAF is open to accept project submission for financing matchmaking review with our funding partners. Projects must meet eligibility criteria.

Funding Partners

ETAF is emerging from a long-term strategic partnership between IRENA, the UAE and ADFD. The ETAF will incorporate new Funding Partners during 2022-2023.