Energy Transition Accelerator Financing Platform (ETAF)

An inclusive multi-stakeholder climate finance platform to advance the global energy transition

The ETAF Platform has obtained more than US$ 4 billion in pledges to support the energy transition by 2030.


Meeting the international climate and development objectives requires a massive reallocation of capital towards low-carbon technologies, including renewables, as well as the mobilisation of all available capital sources. USD 131 trillion will need to flow into the energy system by 2050, prioritising technology avenues compatible with the 1.5 ॰C pathway.

Between now and 2050, over 80% of the USD 131 trillion must be invested in energy-transition technologies, not limited to traditional renewable generation, energy conservation and efficiencies, end-use electrification, power grids, sustainable bioenergy, and hydrogen.

Managed by IRENA, the ETAF Platform has attracted more than USD 4 billion in pledged resources to support the energy transition. The platform is increasing its ambition, planning to provide financing of 5 GW of projects by 2030.

As a Centre of Excellence, IRENA serves as a comprehensive repository of policy, technology, resource, and financial knowledge related to renewable energy. We support countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, promoting the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy.

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ETAF supports projects aligned with​:

Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement

ETAF supports the implementation of ambitious National Determined Contributions (NDCs) to meet the Paris Agreement targets, such as addressing mitigation, adaptation and climate resilience.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ETAF platform works actively towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while serving important national objectives such as energy access and security, economic diversification and sustainable impact.

Paris Agreement

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