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ETAF facilitates funding and de-risking services for projects subject to the credit and risk guidelines and approval processes of ETAF Funding Partners. The platform is open for commercially feasible projects demonstrating a high degree of readiness, located in IRENA member countries (or in accession). The platform supports various types of clean technologies such as renewables (power generation and end-users), energy conservations and efficiency, electrification of end-users (heating and cooling, e-transportation), and sustainable bio-energy.


ETAF Registration Instructions

A step-by-step instructional video to guide project proponents through the registration process and familiarize users with the platform​.

Mastering Project Submission and Readiness for ETAF Funding and Support

In this Webinar, the ETAF team introduces the platform and walks the audience through the application tool, giving a more detailed guidance on the submission process.

Eligibility criteria

The project should:

  1. Contribute to the energy transition in the host country and alignment with the Paris Agreement guidelines (climate risk adaptation, mitigation, cash-flows from low GHG emissions and climate-resilient pathway
  2. Contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the host country’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Be beyond the business development stage, with at least a first (draft) feasibility study in place, and employ feasible technology that is proven and reliable
  3. For on-grid projects, confirm grid connection availability at the project location that supports the technology and capacity of the project. Demonstrate market access via a letter of intent from a public offtaker, a merchant market structure, regulatory support for Corporate PPAs, or other means
  4. Have a minimum project CAPEX of USD 25 million (for private sector/PPP projects) and USD 10 million (for public sector projects)

Click here to access the detailed eligibility criteria and scoring methodology.