What We Offer

Project Developers

ETAF is open to reviewing projects that demonstrate commercial feasibility and a high degree of readiness.

  • Access to Funding via an Open Climate Finance Platform

    ETAF has mobilised more than USD 1.0 billion in pledges to support the implementation of renewable energy projects. The Platform facilitates access to funding and de-risking services provided by well-regarded financial organizations represented by our ETAF partners.​
  • Guidance on Project Registration and Submission

    ETAF’s team holds a rolling “Call for Projects” and periodically conducts activities to offer guidance on projects’ registration and submission process, eligibility, and selection criteria.
  • Technical Advisory

    ETAF offers developers access to IRENA resources and experts, providing curated guidance and project development advice targeted to local and regional developers.

Funding Partners

  • Project Pipeline

    Access to a geographically diversified and feasible pipeline of projects that meet eligibility criteria and business development readiness requirements.
  • Co-Financing and Co-Investment Opportunities​

    ETAF facilitates interactions among funding partners and developers to smoothly reach projects’ financial closing.
  • Enabling partnerships with countries' stakeholders​

    ETAF opens doors for funding partners to connect with countries' stakeholders, including but not limited to government officials, regulatory authorities, and the local private sector.